What is the first image or thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word transformation?  My closest association is of caterpillar and butterfly. We go thru transformation numerous times in our lives and mostly I feel that we are so happy as a caterpillar in our creepy crawly existence that we don’t […]

Star Gazing

Wow! It’s Spring! Time for new beginnings. Today, I’ll take you to space to satisfy wander lust. Wondering, you aren’t astronauts, no worries, we aren’t going space travelling today. You can do it all from your own backyard, come on New Yorkers, don’t give me ugly stares, use your public park as backyard. Always remember […]

Dare to Dream Huge Dreams

Dream huge, and high! The higher you aim and the larger the vision, the longer it takes to realize the dream, but the rewards exceed expectations. Dreams do come true, all you need is 3Ds: the desire, drive and determination to make it true and never compromise. Start day dreaming my friends. Didn’t you hear […]

Queen of Hearts

 Queen of Hearts❣ I am the wild child, being the youngest, had plenty time to play pranks and mischief. Naturally I got scolding from everyone from the eldest family member to the very bottom of the totem pole Whom I didn’t pay any heed to, But I was always cheerful and smiling, did not wilt […]

A Tale of Two Turtles

This not a fairy tale or Aesop’s fables. This is an authentic record of two real turtles. Today I will take you on armchair travel to Gerritsen Creek Salt Marsh Nature Center in Brooklyn where the turtles reside. Both are my best buddies, part of my morning walk beat. The Nature Center is located on […]