My Professional Life Story

As you know well, I am a licensed real estate professional, but unlike Donald Trump this isn’t my family business. An adventurous journey brought me to this destination. Today, I will share with you the story of my professional life. It began with WHAT, my dad wanted me to be a teacher while my mind […]


I am delighted to share this skyscape with you. Looking at it closely, you will notice the angel charging at lightening speed with the arm stretched out towards the cry baby who is crying with her mouth wide open. While it seems, the angel is trying to reassure the crying baby to hold on the […]

Happy Easter!

Greetings! Hope you enjoyed the holidays. I would like to share with you the amazing experience I had on Easter Sunday. It seems the swans from all around flocked over to the creek in celebration of the holidays. Oh my god, It is the first time that I was surrounded by so many swans; more […]

Happy 2018!

Wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2018! Wish I could say, many many more happy returns of the year 2018 to you, the most auspicious of all years past and future. because 2+8=10,+1=11;=1+1=2 That means everyone in the world will get love, happiness, riches multiple fold. Each human effort will be backed […]