Summer Dreams

Summer is about to end soon. I already feel nostalgic. I would like to share my summer highlights with you. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by bountiful nature. And you’d be surprised to know how spiritual the creatures are. In my backyard, the squirrels pray with folded hands or bow their head singing […]


Hope you enjoy Manhattanhenge pictures below. Although not the greatest captured with the iPhone, still it gives a glimpse of the wonderful phenomenon. Oh! what an amazing site it was, 42nd Street packed from left to right sidewalk edge to edge. People swarming on the street like locusts Gobbling up the sight of glowing orb […]

Star Gazing

Wow! It’s Spring! Time for new beginnings. Today, I’ll take you to space to satisfy wander lust. Wondering, you aren’t astronauts, no worries, we aren’t going space travelling today. You can do it all from your own backyard, come on New Yorkers, don’t give me ugly stares, use your public park as backyard. Always remember […]

A Tale of Two Turtles

This not a fairy tale or Aesop’s fables. This is an authentic record of two real turtles. Today I will take you on armchair travel to Gerritsen Creek Salt Marsh Nature Center in Brooklyn where the turtles reside. Both are my best buddies, part of my morning walk beat. The Nature Center is located on […]