The year is closing, 2017 will be history in no time. I have been hibernating, nursing a severe cold and cough. As I have been hibernating, so are my friends in natural habitat. I am pleased to share with you a few glimpses from early morning. The pictures don’t have much photographic value, except being point of reference. Today is the happiest day of my life. My swans have returned to the creek after one full year. I was so sad and felt as if they had abandoned the creek. To me, the creek was totally lackluster without the elegant and majestic swans. I didn’t even care to visit. Now, I will be tracking the swans every day, every day!

I had plenty time to reminisce over 2017 over the last week. I am thankful for 2017 for giving me the opportunity to step into commercial real estate, my favorite chapter of the industry. I am also thankful to my clients, friends and family for their support and vote of confidence. Your trust is very precious to me, I cherish it and keep it close to my heart. I look forward to a much more prosperous 2018 with abundance of opportunities to learn and grow further with all of you.

Swans elegantly charting through the creek.  Charlie, the box turtle hiding behind the steeples of his tissue paper castle.  Mr. Washington, the deadly venomous snake wrapped around like a
scarf on a dry branch. 

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