Hope you enjoy Manhattanhenge pictures below.
Although not the greatest captured with the iPhone,
still it gives a glimpse of the wonderful phenomenon.
Oh! what an amazing site it was,
42nd Street packed from left to right sidewalk edge to edge.
People swarming on the street like locusts
Gobbling up the sight of glowing orb of setting sun.
As if they had just crossed the Gobi desert
And were quenching their thirst
At the first oasis that they passed by.

Not only the glowing sun,
But the moon in the southeast corner
And the heart shaped clouds up above
Were all so amazingly beautiful,
As if Manhattan, the bride
Was being led in the wedding procession
To meet the bridegroom
in full décor!
Monday resembled like a bridal procession
Tuesday the backdrop was pale pink sky
Nothing spectacular,
Sky dotted with clouds, seemed like a washout,
Until the advent of the sun
like a crimson blushing bride
A flaming red disc so clear in the sky,
Moving at a slow bridal pace
from left to right on the horizon
Made up for all the anguish of waiting
with bated breath for the most
Spectacular sight of memorable Manhattanhenge.

It was fun, fun and fun galore!

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