Vandana Ranjan is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a proficient bookkeeper, she uncomplicates the financial side of her clients’ business.  Vandana maintains immaculate record-keeping so her clients can do what they do best.  She specializes in Service industry.  Vandana works meticulously and conscientiously in clients’ favor.  Her key strengths lie in her ability to identify clients’ needs and requirements and to provide the right solutions to their problems.

I have known Ms. Vandana Ranjan professionally and personally for the past one year. It was a pleasure to work with Vandana; she is very nice and gentle. Vandana is a consummate professional, trustworthy, very hardworking, and always prepared and willing to go above and beyond for her client. Ms. Vandana Ranjan has demonstrated a robust knowledge of bookkeeping and has unquenchable thirst for learning and acquiring further knowledge of the profession. She is very highly recommended.

Gordana, S. CPA

There is no doubt in my mind that Vandana is the one we like to work with as she stands out above the rest. She came well prepared, organized, professional, paying attention to details. She went above and beyond our expectations. To say that Ms. Ranjan’s work ethic is impeccable is an understatement. She continued to work relentlessly and diligently even after receiving notice for termination of contract. As promised, she worked meticulously and conscientiously in our favor till the last day of her work. We are totally satisfied with her hard work, kindness, helpfulness, courtesy, knowledge and professionalism. We can’t thank her enough. Needless to say, we highly recommend her unreservedly for all bookkeeping assignments, as anybody would be fortunate to obtain her service and professional help.

Antonio, S.  Chief Operations Officer Lisar USA

My law firm hired Vandana Ranjan in early 2020.  We did not have a professional bookkeeper prior to her coming on board, and she has worked tirelessly to put our records in order.  Among other things, Vandana was instrumental in implementing a new billing system for the firm, and of key importance, researched and established an online credit card payment alternative for clients.  I believe that Vandana is courteous, gracious, honest and innovative, and she has been an asset to our firm.

–Lorrie, F., Esq.