Follow Up

Funny, once a thought starts rolling, it begins to grow.  Couple weeks ago, I shared with you the information about robo advisory services.  Recently there was an article in Wall Street Journal about microinvesting  apps on smart phone that allow buying miniaturized portfolios of ETFs for as little as $5.  Stash and Acorns are the two apps they discussed which would be excellent for inculcating savings and investing habits in college students and young professionals.

On another note, I am conducting the real estate class at NYU on March 4th, “Everything you need to know about real estate.”  It provides the complete overview of real estate industry.  The information is good and valuable for buyers, sellers, investors and for people who are keen to join the industry.  The registration for the class is open at NYU website.  For details click here. If you know anyone who might benefit from it, please feel free to forward it to them.

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