Dare to Dream Huge Dreams

Dream huge, and high!

The higher you aim and the larger the vision, the longer it takes to realize the dream, but the rewards exceed expectations. Dreams do come true, all you need is 3Ds: the desire, drive and determination to make it true and never compromise. Start day dreaming my friends. Didn’t you hear that companies are paying the employees to day dream, because it leads to dynamic results and higher productivity? Mahatma Gandhi’s dream set India free from the tyranny of Britons. Vincent Van Gogh’s gigantic dream was beyond his space and time, yet he didn’t compromise. He painted with charcoal when he didn’t have money to buy paint, yet he didn’t give up his dream.

Today, I will take you to space travel with the hope that you will book a flight to Virgin Galactic right after the speech. If not, you will certainly start day dreaming.

Space exploration, space travel, It all started with a dream long before it turned into reality. Sir Isaac Newton, Jules Verne, and Albert Einstein are the three key figures instrumental in the success of space exploration. In 1687 Isaac Newton published his theory of Universal law of gravitation. Almost after two centuries, in 1865 Jules Verne published From Here to the Earth, mentioning the exact velocity that the cannon shot the three travelers to the moon. In 1915 Albert Einstein published “theory of relativity.” These three key elements triggered space exploration that led to Man on the Moon in 1969. it took a century since Jules Verne envisioned it.

Three centuries from 1687 to 1969, imagine, an apple like this that fell down on the ground took us all the way to the moon. Feel it, (Use an actual apple and swiss cheese as moon and circulate it around the room) How far and fast we have moved since Man on the Moon. In less than 50 years the dream of anyone going into space has turned into reality.

Virgin Galactic: talking point – September 21, 2013 – Hollywood stars in space as Richard Branson’s Earth orbiting flight is ‘months away’ Cost is $250,000 full refund promised. How could you not sign up with full refund guaranteed?)

Dream, dream, dream, make it the beat of your life. Dream, big, huge and high and have implicit faith in yourself, your dreams will come true.

Haven’t you heard ask and it’s given. Dream and it’ll come true. And if you don’t know how to day dream, talk to Don Nelson, go to his repair shop, he’ll fix you well, so you can day dream to eternity. Be a master day dreamer.

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