Happy Easter!

Dear all,

Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

I would like to share with you the amazing experience I had on Easter Sunday. It seems the swans from all around flocked over to the creek in celebration of the holidays. Oh my god, It is the first time that I was surrounded by so many swans; more than a dozen, seventeen in all. The creek always had a pair of resident swans, but now it appears as if it has turned into swan sanctuary.

As you can see, they were having a ball of a time. Love fest was at full swing. One of them was scouting the surroundings to find a good spot for nesting and I kept saying, oh no, this is too low level, it will get submerged with water. But no one was paying heed to me. They never learn from their mistake, may be they know no better. But Que sera sera! whatever will be, will be

See, you don’t believe me, but I keep saying that 2018 is a very special year. It denotes abundance of happiness, peace and prosperity. Just have faith and you will be reaping the rewards soon.

I am waiting for the city property sales report. Soon as it is updated, I will prepare the market report for you.

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