Diligent Darlings

Hope you are enjoying the warm sunny day. See, the nor’easter was only a figment of imagination and it wasn’t that bad either.

You must be wondering that I have been hibernating. Truth is far from it, in fact I have been working very hard on my business. As my business is growing in commercial real estate, I decided to get fully organized and dived into bookkeeping to take good care of my business professionally. I am delighted to share that at this moment, I am on my way to be certified by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Of all the concepts in bookkeeping, depreciation is my favorite which I had been applying to commercial properties for quite some time. Let me know, I would be glad to ascertain your depreciation expense and guide you the best method for gaining highest returns. Oh yes, there are several methods of depreciation, and some are accelerated

Believe it or not, I got the inspiration to maintain my books professionally from my swans. They spend hours cleaning and sprucing themselves before they entertain leisure time. That’s exactly what I intend to do, take good care of my clients and business before I go island hopping to Bermuda. Please feel free to call me for any real estate work or bookkeeping, esp. depreciation.

Enjoy my swans pictures and the beautiful Spring!

Swan Checking Out the Work
Swans Enjoying Downtime

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