Happy Thanksgiving

I’m grateful for your business and humbled by the trust you’ve shown in me. I’m counting my blessings this Thanksgiving, and working with you is one of the most important one. I brought you my self designed, self made bounty of harvest of the season. Hope you enjoy it.

This thanksgiving, while offering my thanks, I would like to share with you my work. This year, with the grace of God, I achieved my goal of establishing multiple streams of income which allows me to focus wholeheartedly on real estate investment sales with least worry of market swings. I am a skilled bookkeeper, an expert budget maker for those seeking Self Direction funding.

I devote my spare time to my hobbies and for charitable causes close to my heart. I serve on the board of trustees of Salt Marsh Alliance and Lott House. The Salt Marsh Alliance, Inc. provides a way for private citizens and local businesses to help maintain the Nature Center. Brooklyn’s salt marsh is a safe haven for birds and also serves a critical role in the success of fisheries industry. Several important species of sport fish, as well as shrimp and crabs, use the marsh as a nursery before venturing into open waters as adults, therefore a healthy salt marsh is essential for the growth of fisheries industry.

The Lott House is a rare surviving example of Brooklyn’s agrarian past. Noted as the longest continually owned and occupied property by a single family in New York City, the Lott House was home to generations of farmers. It is also recognized by New York State as an Underground Railroad site.

I request you to contribute to either or both the charities as per your choice.
Please make checks payable to: Salt Marsh Alliance, Inc. 2071 Flatbush Ave, # 204Brooklyn, NY 11234  

Mail your donation to: Friends of the Lott House 1940 East 36th Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 http://www.lotthouse.org/donate/

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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