Queen of Hearts❣️

I am the wild child, being the youngest,
had plenty time to play pranks and mischief.
Naturally I got scolding from everyone
from the eldest family member
to the very bottom of the totem pole
Whom I didn’t pay any heed to,
But I was always cheerful and smiling,
did not wilt or wither in spite of
all their scolding and spanking,
because I knew that deep down
they all loved me very much.

Blessed with abundant love and affection
of my extended family and friends,
my truly Sagittarian free spirit
bloomed like a sun-kissed water lily,
nourished with radiant sun rays.

My father was extremely conservative
while I was the child of sun moon and wind
who couldn’t accept any bindings.
I kept questioning his authority
and kept breaking
the barriers of his beliefs
every step of the way,
yet he fully accepted me,
with all my flaws
and showered his unconditional love
which nurtured my soul
to explore the world unabashedly.

My mother was quite stern and strict
with all my other siblings,
but had a very special
tender spot in her heart for me.
After all I was her baby.
She introduced me to the amazing world
of fantasyland by teaching me
how to read on my own,
before even I joined the school.

I still remember how I would follow her
all around the house whining
with a story book in my hand,
bugging her to read me stories.
My mom was a busy woman
with all the household responsibilities
on her frail shoulders.
She didn’t have time to
Waste on a whiner,
So she helped me in deciphering
then memorizing the alphabets
and enabled me to become self-taught.

I would still follow my mom
All around the house
With the story book in my hand,
But instead of whining
And bugging her to read
I would connect the letters to pronounce words
When needed she would correct my pronunciation
And even help me understand
the meaning of the word.

Her lessons were pretty harsh,
But full of inspirational encouragement
That taught me to become self reliant.
She was like a coconut
With a tough shell
But sweet nectar full of tender love
Flowing endlessly within her heart.

I don’t recall birthday celebration ever of my siblings,
but mine they celebrated with full fanfare and gusto.
My brother and sisters decorated the house
with buntings, balloons with feverish excitement
for my birthday party Year after year.
And gave me beautiful birthday gifts
with lots of love, hugs and kisses.

My husband treated me like a princess.
He truly pampered me
and totally spoiled me.
So much so that even to this date,
I curse him when forced to do all household chores.
I never had to do anything,
but accompany him for fun and leisure.
I miss him very badly
and surely will keep missing him until my dying day.

My friends embraced me in their warm fold
without any qualms
They welcomed me warmly into their lives
With open arms and hearts
And treated me affectionately like a family member.
Had it not been for my friends,
I would not have recovered
from the shroud of sorrow
after my husband’s sudden demise.

I now realize
that love is the true theme
and meaning of my life since birth.
I am truly blessed to be surrounded
by abundant love deeper than even ocean
and far wider than sky itself.
Blessed am I to be,
Showered from top to toe with
Beautiful red rose petals of love
from everyone imaginable who touched my life.

Lately, for almost an year,
I started getting the message of love
in the shape of heart
in every object that I sighted.
It started with my tea leaf reading one fine day
when I finished my favorite
mandarin orange tea at work.

I was very happy to see it,
initially I thought,
Great! no more crying over that ugly bastard
who abandoned in the middle of the street
without even saying goodbye.
I was glad, thinking love is on my way.
I’ll get hugs and kisses and be whole again,
instead of living like a hole.
Granted I am now whole hole,
Albeit a hole!

I was hopeful to find and regain our lost love.
Start another new chapter of love story.
Well, what could I tell you,
Don’t raise your hopes too much!
no Prince Charming around that I found,
but the message kept repeating
Over and over again.

No matter what I did,
No matter where I go,
I am being surrounded
with more and more hearts.
My path is strewn with heart shapes all around.
Almost drowning in the torrential downpour of it.
It’s like drowning in the middle of ocean,
water water everywhere,
But not a drop to quench
The thirst of thy weary soul.

It all started with sticks and stones.
I collect pebbles and stones.
A habit that
I picked from my husband
and continue in his loving memory.

I have a roomful collection of stones.
No kidding!
Every time I turned my head,
was fascinated to have found
yet another beautiful heart shaped stone.
The size started getting bigger and bigger.
From my own backyard creek at Avenue U
to Hull, MA
and now all the way out to Puerto Rico,
so many stones big and small
do I have and very special ones too!

The first thing I did
was to bury my beloved
poor dear dead husband
One more time
Under the heavy weight of
These stones.

The purpose was multiple-fold.
I had to take revenge
First and foremost,
For his haste
To leave without
Bidding me adieu!
Then to make sure that
He was positively
And affirmatively dead
Without having even
The slimmest chance
To come alive
And haunt me yet again!

After all, in my mind
This torrential downpour
Of many splendored hearts
Was the sure and the most successful
Pathway to my new beloved,
Ideal King of Hearts!!!

Hell yeah!
Can’t you see?

Oh yes!

Of course!
I didn’t find my
New beloved,
Not the ideal King of Hearts.
Instead banged heads with
The King of Tarts.

The true meaning
Of life itself
Was laid bare to me,
That I am
Mighty pleased to
Share with you today
On this July 17th, 2016!!!

The true meaning
Is humbly submitted herewith.

Still, if you need
Further discourse,
Please pick an image
Of your liking
Circle the hearts you find in it
Then email it with
Your thoughts and comments
And I will let you know
The creator’s message
That I received
Associated with that
Particular image.

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